We want to make your life easier and give you our top 5 local destinations you can visit this 2017. Get your calendars and make adventures happen this year!

1. Baler, Aurora

Baler is famous for being a surf spot for beginners and advanced surfers. But more than that, we discovered there is more to Baler than just surfing. There are a lot of hidden gems and beaches you can visit while you’re there! #AdventureHack: Best time to visit is early in the morning so you can catch the stunning sunrise view.

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Ampere Beach
Jaos Beach
Tibag-Sabang River
2. Sambawan Island, Leyte

The view when you reach the top is spectacular. We climbed the rocks and sat down appreciating Sambawan’s dramatic coastlines and uninhabited islands.

There is a store where you can buy your food. It’s a bit pricey though, since it’s the only one in the island. #Adventurehack: Best to travel to Sambawan Island early in the morning because the waves get bigger and harder to navigate through after lunch.

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Favorite view!
3. Lake Holon, South Cotabato

One of our favorite camping trips was definitely Lake Holon. Getting to the summit was quite challenging– trekking for 4 hours with a full pack. The trail is 1,400+ meters and mostly inclined. Once you get to the lake, you can set up your tent and enjoy the breathtaking view.

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4. Isla de Gigantes, Iloilo

Isla de Gigantes or Gigantes Group of Islands is without a doubt one of our favorite places in the Philippines.

Virgin and white sand beaches with stunning view: Check!
Abundance of fresh seafood: Check! (It’s the scallops capital of our country, you guys!)
Awesome and friendly locals: Check!

Go and explore this island and we guarantee you’ll the best time of your life!

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5. Mt. Lubog, Rizal

Mt. Lubog is located in Barangay Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal and was only opened to the public mid 2015. It’s the perfect #campinggoals made possible by the unbeatable work of mother nature.

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Yourlocalocals wishes you a happy and travel-filled 2017!

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