Trip date: September 25 to 29, 2015
Group of: 4 people
Currency: Philippine Peso
Total expenses: PHP 8,025.9 / person

DAY 1: Manila – Dumaguete – Cebu
4:30 PM ETD NAIA 3 1042.68 Airfare
5:30 PM ETA Sibulan Airport, Dumaguete. Trike to Sibulan Port. 37.5 PHP 120 to 150, if you want cheaper, go outside of the airport and get a trike.
6:30 PM Ride fast craft to Liloan, Cebu 62 Last trip to Liloan is at 5:30PM. Check schedule here.
7:00 PM Arrival in Liloan Port. Ride trike to Bato Terminal. 100 Missed the last trip to Kawasan Falls so we had to look for a hotel in Oslob.
7:30 PM Check in at Ester’s (House for rent in Oslob) 325 We don’t recommend staying here because the location is quite sketchy and there’s no signal inside the house.
8:00 PM Dinner at Brumini 120
DAY 2: Cebu
8:00 AM Breakfast at Aaron’s 100
11:00 AM Whale Shark 600
12:00 NN Lunch 140
1:00 PM Aguinid Falls 225 Hired a trike for 600 but this is overpriced. You can take a bus to Aguinid for PHP 50 only.
6:00 PM Hitchike to Bato Terminal 25
6:30 PM Bus to Kawasan Falls (via Barili) 50 Last bus is at 6:30 PM, don’t miss it!!!
7:45 PM Meet up with Kuya JB. Go to hostel (in front of Kawasan falls) 375 Hotel stay is 1500/night good for 4 people. Don’t stay there though cos it’s not so nice and a bit overpriced, actually.
Dinner 162.5
DAY 3: Cebu – Dumaguete
8:00 AM Canyoneering 1200 Rate gets cheaper the more you are in a group. Contact Kuya JB at +63 906 513 2480 for cheap and value for money packages.
1:00 PM Lunch 66
2:30 PM Habal habal back to main road 40
2:45 PM Bus to Liloan Port, Cebu 225
3:45 PM ETA Liloan Port, Cebu 62
4:00 PM ETD port 37.5
4:20 PM ETA Sibulan Port, Dumaguete 60
4:35 PM ETA Harold’s Mansion 37.5 Trike
Check in 325 Harold’s Family Suite is PHP 1300/night. We highly recommend staying here. The staff are nice and you will meet a lot of backpackers.
6:00 PM Dinner 60
DAY 4: Cebu – Dumaguete – Siquijor
8:00 AM Breakfast, rest, billiards, chill Harold’s has free breakfast!
3:00 PM Trike to Dumaguete Port 8 Trike flat rate is 8 pesos
3:15 PM ETA Dumaguete Port
4:00 PM ETD Dumaguete Port to Siquijor 100 Last trip of fast craft from DGT to SIQ is at 12:45 NN (Travel time: 45 minutes)

Last trip of ferry from DGT to SIQ is at 4 PM (Travel time: 1.5 hours)

5:30 PM ETA Siquijor. Meet up with Kagawad Gladwin Bucol 300 We stayed at Gold Sky Sunsetview Hotel. Rate 1500/night. I recommend staying here. Contact Gladwin Bucol at +63 927 605 5715!
8:00 PM Dinner 182.5
DAY 5: Siquijor – Dumaguete
6:30 AM Siquijor tour 900 Hired a trike with help of Kuya Gladwin
Parking at Falls 20
Guide at Falls 100
Entrance fee at Salagdoong Beach 30
Cabana at Salagdoong Beach 100
Lunch 103.75 Bought lunch from market near Salagdoong Beach
1:00 PM Head back to hotel
3:30 PM Check out of hotel. Trike to Siquijor Port 100 Make sure you buy tickets when you land SIQ Port because ferries are always fully booked. We were just lucky there was a special trip at 4:30PM. Last trip to DGT is at 4PM.
4:30 PM ETD Siquijor Port 144
6:00 PM ETA Dumaguete
6:15 PM Dinner at Sansrival Restaurant 120 Silvannas and sansrival are to die for!!!
Check in at Harold’s 325
DAY 6: Dumaguete – Manila
7:00 AM ETD Harold’s Mansion 15 Trike fare
7:30 AM ETA Airport
8:55 AM Flight back to Manila


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