Yourlocalocals is a travel website that was hatched by our countless planned and spontaneous escapades from sea to summit and the in-betweens. We want to share our stories of adventures and misadventures; crazy and incredible experiences; and travel tips and hacks. Always on the search for local adventures from best food finds, hippest accommodations, to adrenaline-inducing activities – Yourlocalocals is your be-all, end-all travel blog that will guide and inspire you to explore the great outdoors and embrace it like a local.


Yourlocalocals -Celina

Meet Celina

Hi, I am Celina, living in the city constantly dreaming of the beach. On most days, I work with different clients on branding & strategizing their marketing game plan and designing for my swimwear line – Amihan Swimwear.

On days that I don’t have to hustle, I make sure to explore & travel. It’s always nice to get away from the noise and the monotonous life in the city. The more I do it, the more it becomes more than just an escape, but a sanctuary for me to get in touch with myself and the universe.


Yourlocalocals -Ssiala

Meet Ssiala

Hello, I am Anassia Rosella Azores, fondly called “Ssiala” and yes, I am as unique as my name. On most days, I juggle my time working in a bank, sidelining on income-generating projects, trying to be fit and healthy and basically, attempting to get a hold of life (whew, that was a handful!). On other days – the days which I love more – I aim to experience life out of the city by exploring the outdoors.

Traveling is something I am passionate about because it exposes me to different situations and experiences that enrich my understanding about myself and the whole world before me. My bucketlist includes living out of my backpack, one island at a time.